CHALLENGE: According to Kauffman Index around 28% of Americans are entrepreneurs. In the Atlanta Tech Village entrepreneurs come from a variety of demographics and across all ethnicities, ranging in age from 18 to 62 and while they trend male, we are seeing more and more female Founders. So why do so few take the leap into building their own company?

SOLUTION: 30 is an interview series that explores the leadership and guiding principles of Atlanta‚Äôs most innovative business leaders. In partnership with Atlanta Tech Village, we decided to investigate the startup community and find out why the entrepreneurs took the plunge. We sat down with 30 startup Founders and asked them rapid fire questions on business, leadership, and lessons from failure. All video clips were turned into a social media campaign for Instagram and were launched consecutively for 30-days to drive awareness and engagement.

RESULTS: Our local campaign efforts garnered 19k impressions, 3k likes and 327 comments.